Own a piece of the next major animated universe. 

We’re bringing NFTs to Hollywood.

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Our Mission

We Etherians are a welcoming community for NFT collectors, interactive story lovers, and anyone who enjoys outer space, exploration, or cute af characters.

Only the 10,000 Etherians on this first mission to the moon will have the exclusive, blockchain-verified right to vote on behalf of the entire Etherian society to decide how our adventure unfolds.

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An Expansive Fictional Universe

This isn't a simple avatar NFT project; this is the dawn of an immersive universe, one where you have full ownership of your characters and guide the narrative yourselves. All of us will build this new world together.

This initial release serves as our funding round for the long-term vision of creating the Etherian world. Once we reach the moon, you choose where the story goes.

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Season 1:
to the moon!

Inaugural Moon Voyage
After the collection sells out, we will release an animated video where we all go to the moon together!

We Open The Story Up To You
Everyone can contribute to the story. This is ultimately your world, so share your ideas and we’ll put the community favorites up for voting by the ESPA Council.

Partnerships & Metaverse
We are looking to provide an interactive society across all borders, so we will start working towards cross-NFT-community and cross-metaverse engagements.

Community Decision Point
Should we set up a moon colony? Build businesses to manufacture more advanced spaceships? You get to decide!

Animated Short
We’ll ship an another animated short showing whatever you decide to have the Etherians do. Every token holder at the time will get an NFT representing 1/10k ownership of this video.

Plush Dolls & Merch
We will be making and shipping plush dolls of all the Etherians, no NFT needed.  Of course, there will be ESPA Council-exclusive merch too.

Community Decision Point
Depending on what kind of shenanigans you got the Etherians into, the community will create another range of options that NFT owners will get to vote on, marking another major moment in Etherian history.

Season 2:
Coming Soon

Etherians Are Dreamers & Doers

Community-Driven Story

Owners of these original 10,000, 0.08 ETH NFTs will be the sole decision-makers of the Etherian narrative and get to dictate the critical decisions in their future to come.

New Fictional Universe

We have  plans to build a huge fictional universe filled with amazing characters, an engrossing narrative, interactive media, and of course plush dolls & merch.

Public Team

While we love all the activity in the NFT space, we want to show you how committed we are to building this universe. We’re putting our real names on this. Reach out!

Long Term Commitment

This is the very first moment of a huge, expanding universe. Years from now, we'll look back on this launch with reverence for how such a large empire was born.

Interactive Social Society

We envision the Etherian society as a living, breathing, community working together to collaborate and prosper. So we're aiming to allow you to own Etherian businesses, goods, pieces of the universe, and more.

Building a Metaverse Experience

Because we are looking to provide an interactive society, we are committed to bringing the Etherians to the metaverse. With your help, we will shape exactly what that experience looks and feels like toghether.

A Community With Purpose

Helping (The Real) Planet Earth Together

Because the Etherians have a deep appreciation for the Earth, 5% of royalties will go to charities aligned with the United Nation’s 17 Goals.

Carbon Offset for Gas

We will offset the carbon for all of the energy consumed to mint these contracts.

Ownership Rights

When you buy an NFT from us you get a license to do what you want with your Etherian (like using your Etherians in any metaverse project).

L2 Future Development

We believe the future of crypto is on Layer Two. It is cheaper (almost no gas), much more scalable, ecologically sustainable, and allows for near-instant transactions, which is why moving forward, we will partner with Arbitrum to support the future of the Etherium via L2.

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Real People On A Real Mission


Jason Struhl


Kelsey Cole


Jay Jacobs

Project Manager

Lucy Lei

Discord Lead

Ninah Garcia

Character Artist

Hiroshi Yoshii


Francisco Hurtado

Story Lead

Grant Cohen


Gabriel Hartmann


Angelo Dodaro

The Future of Entertainment 🚀

Every YondoMondo NFT holder will own a silver screen ready character, the 3D files to control their character and most importantly - that character’s IP.

Owners will have the ability to name their Yondo, create a backstory, and audition their character for a spot as a YondoStar in future animated shorts and feature films.

Coming soon, NFT holders can opt in to licensing their characters for use in our media, gaining credits and partial ownership.

YondoMondo is pioneering a new community co-creation process, capturing the ethos of NFTs and blockchain technologies and bringing them to Hollywood.

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📽 The Road To Hollywood

✨ Aiming For The Stars

This is a new approach to launching a media venture, putting power in the hands of community members and giving them a vested interest in the success of YondoMondo.

✍️ Open Writers Room

Writers rooms will be led by top Hollywood writers, but open to the entire Yondo community for participation and observation.

😄 Public Team

A fully public team welcoming accountability and committed to bringing you this glorious universe. Reach out and say hi!

🤝 Real World Partnerships

Our true superpower as a team is bringing together the most talented and passionate people in the world. Our first partnership includes an astronaut, and the rest will be out of this world ;)

🧩 Own A Piece Of The Universe

10k NFTs, each provably unique from 130 billion possible combinations. Traits & assets: character type, skin, head, eyes, neck, chest, waist, feet, background.

💫 To The Moon

30% Sold: 30/30/30 Giving

$30k to The 30/30 Project - giving back to the amazing medical community that kept one of our co-founders alive after a crazy illness recently had him in the ICU.

50% Sold: 1/1 Yondo Merch

NFT holders will be able to purchase sweet merch showing off your 1/1 character!

75% Sold: NFT Airdrops

20 wallet addresses will be randomly chosen for super special NFT airdrops in collaboration with some of our closest friends in the space.

100% Sold 1: Tesla Giveaway

Help save the planet while you’re living out your crypto-fueled Elon Musk-ified dreams. Your Tesla will be delivered with a custom-made YondoMondo wrap.

100% Sold 2: YondoPal Airdrop

After we sell out, we will airdrop a YondoPal NFT to accompany every NFT from the collection. Designs are already in the works :)

Bonus: Downloadable 3D Files

In the weeks following our public launch, we will be allowing all NFT holders to download their full 3D Blender files so you can all truly own your characters.

Season 2:
Coming Soon

See The Full Roadmap

A Community With Purpose 🙏

🌎 Helping (The Real) Planet Together

The Yondos love the Earth! 5% of royalties will go to charities aligned with the United Nation’s 17 Goals.

🌳 Carbon Offset for Gas

We will offset the carbon for the energy consumed to mint these contracts.

📄 Ownership Rights

When you buy an NFT from us you get a license to do what you want with your Yondo (like using them in any metaverse project).

📈 L2 Future Development

Layer Two is the future of crypto—cheaper, scalable, eco-friendly(er), near-instant transactions—all reasons why we’ll use Arbitrum moving forward.

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What is the price?

0.02 ETH, flat pricing structure.

How does minting work?

Minting will happen through a custom contract, delivered via this site at time of release through Metamask. Each NFT will be an ERC-721 token.

Will you be utilizing secondary sales royalties?

Yes, we will be using 5% of secondary sale royalties from the collection for things like supporting the United Nation’s 17 Goals and funding the future growth of this universe for you.

Anything else we missed?

Please email hello@yondomondo.com with any other questions.